Inner Journey Healing Arts received its Federal 501(c )(3) status as a nonprofit organization in May 2000, and began serving clients in Spokane, Washington in October 2000. In November 2000, the Center contracted with Child Protective Services, and with the State Department of Social & Health Services, utilizing Work First and TANF funding. Inner Journey Healing Arts expanded into Hillsboro and St Helens, Oregon in 2002, as a Licensed Drug & Alcohol Outpatient provider, DUII State certified, offers both women's and men's groups and Family program.

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Our mission is to provide a sacred place where Adults and Children can heal from stressful life situations, trauma, alcohol and drug abuse, and to provide training for counselors, therapists, and health providers in Expressive Arts Therapy and other wholistic treatment modalities.


Lisa is a certified expressive art therapist and a certified drug and alcohol counselor. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BA in Liberal Arts, emphasis in Psychology and addiction counseling. She received her Masters Degree in Expressive Arts from Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. She then went on to receive her certification as an Expressive Art Therapist.

Lisa has been in private practice for Twenty Three years. She has conducted contract work for several drug and alcohol treatment centers, as well as working in school systems. Lisa has coordinated art therapy training workshops, on the healing power of the arts, for teachers and counselors. She specializes in family of origin work, trauma issues, addiction, codependency, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, emotional release work, anger management, and stress management skills. Lisa uses breath work, relaxation, and creative visualization techniques. Lisa also integrates the awesome power of expressive arts, such as clay work, creative movement, poetry, and music therapy. "Using these modalities can help people embrace their life's purpose and do their soul's work."

Jay M. Nelson, AAS, LMT, CADCI
Jay has Ten years in the health care field since 2007. He is currently Operations Manager, and Men's Specific Program Supervisor. Most recently a Program Director and instructor teaching for State License Certification. As a licensed Massage Therapist, and CADCI, instructing anatomy & physiology and the physiological effects of alcohol and drugs on the body systems. Working with DUII, court mandated, corrections, and private clients, to integrate “self care” techniques to help dissolve cessations of addictions.

Jay is cuurently writing a Men's Specific Book for publication.


(From "Creative Healing," 1998, pg. 88, by Michael Samuel, M.D., and Mary Rockwood Lane, R.N., M.S.N.)

  • Autonomic nervous system shifts the body to the relaxation response.
  • Hormones shift the body to a healing mode.
  • Blood flow shifts, bringing in nutrients and immune cells.
  • Killer T-cells eat cancer cells.
  • Neurotransmitters and endorphins reduce pain. Self-healing mechanisms are released.


From May 2000 through December 2005, Inner Journey Healing Arts worked with over 1000 clients. Sixteen percent of this total were family units. Part of this group was in recovery from substance abuse. All clients maintained sobriety while in treatment.

The families reported less confliction acting out behavior, increased communication among siblings and parents, and more open displays of affection. Family together time increased, with an improved and stronger sense of unity and cooperation within the family unit. Deeper understanding of each member's needs increased. Problem-solving skills increased, creating more win/win solutions.

A couple who had a history of acting out behavior stated they "learned to talk more, and act out less while in treatment."

One client, who tended to relapse on alcohol use every year around the anniversary of her father's death, completed a healing grief ceremony at our center. This was the first year she was able to continuously maintain her sobriety. She was quite happy to find a solution to her alcohol relapses.

A client who experienced debilitating migraine headaches reported complete relief of her symptoms through the use of expressive art techniques used at our center.

Another client who has autoimmune disorder began to increase her t-cell counts through creative relaxation techniques and expressive art therapies while in treatment.

Three families who were involved with Child Protective Services had their children return home because they were progressing well in treatment while at Inner Journey Healing Arts.

Inner Journey Healing Arts gave educational training to professional staff members at St. Luke Rehabilitation Center, Sacred Heart Medical Center, and Cancer Care Northwest in Washington.

Contracted staff out to other treatment centers to conduct expressive therapy groups, which consisted of 8 to 9 process groups a week.

One client commented, "Inner Journey Healing Arts helped me heal from the inside out!"

Several clients stated, "Using expressive art therapy helped me constructively release out strong feelings, without hurting others or myself." Some of these clients had a history of harming themselves.

"Expressive Arts helped me uncover old talents." Two clients returned to art school.

One man returned to filmmaking, and began a job at a local TV-news station as a camera editor. He stated, "If I would have kept doing my art I would never have became addicted."

"I learned anger management and stress management skills through Inner Journey Healing Arts."

"I experienced a gentle, healing, personable touch. The communication, and attention to respond to my needs is well appreciated. They integrated intuitiveness and weaved in special modalities to assist my body's health maintenance."
Kelly -- Cancer survivor

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